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altWe just came home last night and are getting back in the swing of things. There is still some snow on the ground here and it is just warming up a bit. When we came back to Joburg on Friday to the SADA Dental conference, I told the organizers that I could die happy now, because I had a life altering experience in South Africa. They were so happy for me, but asked me to hold on until after my presentations on Sunday. My presentations were received with a lot of enthusiasm and it looks like I will be invited back within the next few years.


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altWe are home safe and sound, but tired! It took 40 hours of travel to get here! The folks at Hawksmoor were kind enough to let us keep our bags there while we went out in the morning and early afternoon, and then change clothes before heading to the airport. Thank you so much for giving USA perfect vacation. We absolutely loved every minute! Coming back is a dream, but it's so far away! We loved visiting with you, as well. Please think about visiting the states sometime, we would love to see you!

Buffy and Frank, USA

Eirik and Ann Kristine - 2011 We knew we were in good hands even before we left home. Since one of us already have had the pleasure of having an earlier trip organized by Backroads (Ingrid), it was no question about who was going to organize this one. Our wishes for the trip were to attend a photographic workshop, get a good safari, experience Blyde River Canyon and have a few extra days in the area. Read more...
Norwegian Ladies

Thank you Backroads Africa (Ingrid), for the great itinerary! It was fascinating to live in lodges, tents and something in between standing on stilts! We enjoyed the rustic charm and African elegance, decorated beds and sometimes breathtaking bath possibilities.

Blyde River was a geological adventure!!



Why the Backroads of Africa?

Ingrid 2 medium

I feel no fear, no pain, no vain perplexity,

I feel deep, heartfelt joy that closely clings,

Lessons of love and earnest piety,

From all created things.

I feel, in every midge that hums,

Life, fugitive and infinite,

And suddenly the world becomes,

A part of me and I of it.

When I close my eyes, I Imagine a wilderness where the animals of Africa roam freely, where communities benefit from nature and support her conservation. I dream of a life without borders, beyond frontiers, open to the wonders around us. So much to explore, so much to learn, each day an adventure.

Maybe one day the Africa of my dreams will become reality, but until then, I continuously look for those special places that allow me to wonder. Places of natural beauty and incredible diversity. Places of happiness, tragedy, history, magic, ancient wisdom and spritituality. Places where I can leave behind my programmed mindset and open my thoughts to things and people I do not know, and perhaps will never understand. To step out of my comfort zone and explore the unknown with mind, body and soul. To learn and to grow, I travel, on the Backroads of Africa.

Elephant  hand

About Backroads Africa

Born in the Netherlands, Ingrid lived in the Hague until 2000. Her desire to travel was always strong and after high school she struck a balance of exploring Europe and working in the Netherlands to pay for her travels. In 1996 she decided to go back to school and studied Communication Management at the University of the Hague, where she also joined an exchange program with the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay (USA). Two months after earning her degree (2000), the travel bug hit home once more, and Ingrid traveled to South Africa on holiday. This time, there was no returning home.
Ingrid worked as a tour guide for Baobab Reizen, a Dutch overland company, for three years. During this time, Ingrid traveled extensively throughout southern Africa. In 2003, Ingrid finally settled down in the town of Hoedspruit, Limpopo, where she joined Transfrontiers Wildlife Walking Safaris. Having worked in the safari industry for over 10 years now, Ingrid understands the varying needs of independent travelers that come to Africa on holiday, to work, study, or sometimes fulfill a dream. Ingrid combines her love and passion for travel and Africa with a personalized approach and a 100% commitment to not just meet but exceed the expectations of her clients.

Ingrid is always looking for new overland, adventure, safari, and honeymoon experiences throughout southern Africa.  If you have any suggestions or would like her to consider including your company or community in her itineraries, email or skype Ingrid and let her know more.
Together with Eirik Gustavsen, Ingrid's partner in Norway, Backroads Africa has started offering photographic workshops and safaris especially for the Norwegian market, but similar safaris are in the making with partners in Germany and the Netherlands. For more information, click HERE.