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How to get started?

Ever since the online travel industry exploded, people are being overwhelmed with information, pricing in different currencies, and many different options. How do you know which safari is right for you and your wallet? How do you know where you will get great game viewing, but without tripping over other tourists? Which part of the country is best for what time of the year? And should you drive yourselves or rather go guided? To help you get started, and to narrow down your options, perhaps consider the following 3 questions:

How much do you want to spend?

It all starts here. To get an idea of which options are open to you, it helps to know how much you are willing to spend on land content. There are big differences in prices for safaris and accommodation options, and a budget would also help to determine whether a guided or self-guided adventure would be best suited.

What are the dynamics of your adventure?

How many people will you be? If there are children joining you, what age group(s) are they? Are there elderly involved, or people with disabilities or special needs? Will you be able to self-drive and if so, what kind of vehicle has your preference? Are you keen to see and do as much as possible, or do you prefer quality over quantity?

What is important to you?

Another question I always ask is “what are your must-have’s”? What is important to you? Nature, culture, relaxation, adventure? Do you like to keep busy or do you prefer to sit for hours with a good book and soak up your surrounds? Or perhaps a combination of both? If you have decided on a country, what places do you really HAVE to visit, and what areas are you OK to skip?